PREMIERE: Matthew O'Neill's Trophic Cascade on For Folk's Sake

We're so excited to share Matthew O'Neill's #TrophicCascade LP with you today. The album is streaming in full at For Folk's Sake, a week ahead of its May 5th release date. Huge thanks to FFS for their kind support and the wonderful write-up.

"Released under the delectably progressive Underwater Panther label, whose mission is to “to protect and honor the Earth through music and activism,” Trophic Cascade expertly melds the psychedelia of 70s Appalachian rock with the gritty and earthen roots of more recent times. The record emits a vibe similar to that of a timeless trip out to a cabin in the woods, reminding this writer in particular of his days just outside of Tucson in Summerhaven atop Mt. Lemmon. It’s a homegrown, homespun piece of psych-folk that’s most definitely worthy of an ear."

Listen and Read the full write up here.

Matthew ONeill